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If you are a Directioner, Muggle, Targaryen, Sherlockian, Tribute or just simpely likes fandoms, this is for you.
“A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones
 drooling over my boyfriends

Favourite blogs.

Here are (some of) my favourite blogs. I’ll update this every now and then, and try to get them all on this list.

1. Thea aka bedtimewithniam. She’s honestly the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. Her blog is quality, and if you don’t talk to her you’ll regret it.

2. Camilla aka stylesaddicted. Her blog is really really good. No doubt.

3. Nina aka pleasestyles. This blog was the first tumblr blog I saw about One Direction, I think. It will always be my favourite. No matter what.

4. Tommy aka larrycame. He is not only the sweetest boy ever, but he also have this amazing blog. I don’t think there’s anyone on tumblr that doesn’t have a tiny crush on him. The fact that he’s a boy just makes it all a lot cooler.

5. Nanna aka 1dkeepsmeupwhenimdown. She’s the sweetest person, and she is extremely beautiful and asdfghjk yeah, she’s just perfect okay?

6. Kristin aka heyhoran. Her blog is beautiful, and so is she.

7. Fredrikke aka larrysgravy. She is so so cute and her blog is P E R F E C T.

8. Helene aka thrustmeharry. I remember we talked a while ago, and she was so kind. Miss it though. Her blog is really outstanding, and I love the fact that she crosses HP and 1D

9. Sara aka colouravenue. Her blog is nothing but quality. So flawless.

10. Hanadi aka niallsweden. Just followed her, but I seriously don’t regret it.

11. Victoria aka horanland. When I scroll through her blog, I like everything that I see. That makes her blog perfect for me.  

Monday, April 30th 2012 (9:53pm)
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